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It is our mission, to successfully combine the latest research in scientific methodology for the treatment of mental health and addictions, with

faith-based treatment modalities, when appropriate, in an outreach, which links people to services, all while promoting healing.

Meet the Team

If you're looking for a counselor with years of experience and with a laid-back, easy-going atmosphere, then you need look no further.


Please call and schedule an appointment today.

You should not have to wait another day to find hope, purpose, and a positive outlook for your future.

Getting Help

If you're looking for a comfortable setting, with a calm atmosphere, then you've come to the right place. If you're looking for insight, experience, acceptance, unconditional regard, and a healthy dose of wisdom, stop by or call today.


Faith is a wonderful therapist that always goes above and beyond for her clients, and fellow clinicians. As someone who was lucky to work beside Faith in a private practice, I was able to watch her thrive and grow professionally. I learned so much from her and will not only be thankful but a stronger therapist because of her. Thank you Faith for your dedication to the human heart.

- K.


Appointments​ by request.

Leave voicemail or send a text.


Faith and Danielle keep a small caseload so they can devote quality time and resources to each case.

Due to this, they often have a wait-list. If you’re interested in being seen, and a wait-list is in effect, then be patient, knowing that when it’s your time to be seen, they will devote quality time to your case as well.

Contact Us

There are times when our reposes are sent to your spam folder. For this reason, we recommend checking your spam folder for our repose AND putting into your safe-sender's list, as well. Thank you! 

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